• Acceptance to the YJP Access membership program is exclusively at the discretion of YJP staff.
• Members have a choice of 2 payment plans: bi-annual or annual.
• Membership is not confirmed until first payment is received.
• YJP staff reserves the right to terminate members from the group at their discretion. If member is terminated from the group, membership monies will be refunded at pro-rated cost.
• Members must attend at least 3 business networking events every twelve (12) months that they are a YJP Access member.
• Members may not solicit other members in the Members Directory.
• Members must respond within 48 hours to any business inquires or messages sent from other Access members via the Members Directory.
• Tickets to all events are only available while tickets last. Reservations to these events are on a first come, first serve basis, and we cannot honor requests once events are sold out.
• Packages include tickets to YJP social events, business networking events, Cove Cocktails events, and/or senior executive roundtable discussion events. Amount of included tickets varies per package. Packages do not include the entry fee to the two annual Access Members Only events. Tickets to these two events must be purchased and are available to Access members only on a first come, first serve basis. We will not be able to honor requests once tickets are sold out.
• Fee: $1,000.00 annual fee. Includes the silver package + access to TEAM + exclusive forums for gold members and client passes to bring colleagues to large summits for free.
• If an account remains unpaid for for any period of time, YJP reserves the right to terminate membership and close the account.


All membership plans are "auto-renewing," meaning that we will bill your credit card bi-annually or annually (as you prefer), on the anniversary of the calendar day of your initial membership subscription, until you cancel. For billing purposes, your credit card information is stored on file by Authorize.net, the worldwide leading provider of payment gateway services. You may cancel your membership by email or phone prior to your next billing date to avoid future charges. You may also convert your monthly subscription to an annual subscription anytime; just contact us by email or phone.

If you are not completely satisfied with your YJP Access membership, you may request cancellation at any time. Email info@yjpaccess.com. Cancellations must be made within 30 days of the first billing charge to qualify for a refund.

Members who cancel their accounts need to wait a full calendar year before re-applying for Access membership. Additionally, they will be subject to the new membership rate in single payment (vs our bi-annual payment option).

Initiation fee is not refundable.


When you create a membership account with YJP Access, you need to submit your personal information (email, cell etc), your employment history, and your education history. Your personal information (specifically: your email address, cell phone, and home address) can only be accessed by YJP staff, and is never displayed online to other members. Your employment and education information can be viewed by other YJP Access members via the members directory. If you wish, you can change your privacy settings to hide this information from other Access members.

Communication: The YJP Access site allows members to send each other messages. YJP reserves the right to randomly screen such messages to ensure professional standards of integrity are being upheld by members.

Web Site Cookies: When interacting with the YJP Access website, your internet browser and our server communicate via a "session cookie" mechanism. This cookie contains an anonymous identifier, and contains no identifying information whatsoever.

Information Disclosure: At no time is any account information shared with any outside parties, with the exception of law enforcement should the need arise, and only then to comply with a subpoena.

Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at info@yjpaccess.com